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Clip boards

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Plastic clipboard, 9"x1/2"x12-1/2", green, sold as 1 each Plastic clipboard, 9"x1/2"x12-1/2", green, sold as 1 each
List Price: $8.16
Price: $6.71
You save: $1.45
Archboard, letter, 9"x15-1/2", brown, sold as 1 each Archboard, letter, 9"x15-1/2", brown, sold as 1 each
List Price: $7.97
Price: $7.09
You save: $0.88
Archboard, legal, 9"x17", brown, sold as 1 each Archboard, legal, 9"x17", brown, sold as 1 each
List Price: $8.49
Price: $7.39
You save: $1.10

Hold All Papers with Clip Boards Easily

Are you tired of keeping necessary documents and constantly looking for some of them ? Then choose cheap clipboards and solve this problem once for all.

These days it becomes more and more difficult to keep all documents in order. A person needs to have a lot of necessary papers when giving a presentation or a concert. Of course it is not a whole list when we need to have everything necessary close at hand.

Luckily there is a great tool to make it less bothering. Clip boards Ė a great opportunity to save a lot of time and do not look for urgent notes when you have to do everything quickly and do not waste time.

Such board is necessarily supplied by the manufacturer with a rather sturdy base. In addition to this, each one is complemented by a special clip for paper sheets, which is located at the top. Such thing is simply necessary for folders of this kind, since with vertical placement, falling out of sheets of paper is almost inevitable. The pressing structure can be of several types, however, more often than usual, metal can be found. In fact, they were created to limit the loss of sheets of a certain amount and not allow you to spoil any presentation or report.

There is hardly a person in the whole world that hasnít seen such a wonderful thing that solves a number of various functions. People buy clipboard every day in different countries and make the life easier. You will be impressed how useful this item is in daily and special occasion usage.

Advantages of clipboards

First of all you donít need a lot of money which makes it possible for everyone to buy such an accessory and evaluate all its advantages.

  • Comfort

The clamp is able to fix up to several hundred pages, without hindering their flipping.

  • Weight

With high reliability and durability, these designs are light and ergonomic, so they are convenient to put into the bag and carry to necessary place.

  • Durability

Similar products are durable - they are able to serve for years even under heavy use.

Of course these are not all advantages as you will definitely discover more of them when using.

Places where to buy a clipboard

Congratulations if you have made up your mind to purchase a clipboard too. The best thing about it is the variety of nice models you can find either in the local shop or online store. However the last place is more popular these days.

You donít need to waste precious time for going to the shop and can choose necessary clipboard without even leaving your place. All you need is to visit a good website that is specialized in selling such things. Then you should choose clipboard price or sort the product by producers.

Itís great that a number of famous companies can offer you a wide range of boards for quick sale. Among such producers are: Nature Saver, Lion, Saunders, Sparco, Officemate and others. Here you can read more information about each proposal and decide which one you like most of all. Donít miss opportunity to read comments and pay attention to every detail.

Such a cheap board can be a good assistant, especially in front of the audience. All products are characterized by consistently high quality and reasonable prices.

Clipboards open new opportunities

Additionally to keeping all necessary pages you get extra opportunities. It means you will be able to make any urgent notes no matter place you are in. You donít need a table to do it as such board is steady and allows fulfilling tasks in any pose. Doesnít it sound cool?


If you or your colleagues often have to work with documents and speak at various conferences or seminars, then a clipboard will be your faithful assistant. It is indispensable for working with documents in trains and airplanes, as well as in conditions of permanent displacements (speeches, official greetings, etc).

Clipboards of some models are even equipped with additional pockets for stationery or notes. The most common size of such folders is A4.

As you can see clipboard is a great thing that is used in many spheres of modern life. It is difficult to imagine a presentation or some concert without a person having it as a great helper. So if you want to make your work and life in general more pleasant then do not waste time and hurry to order this fantastic tool online without going out. You will see how great you will work together.